CLIMATE MARCH – Nov. 29, 2019

Student reflections from the Global Climate March, Nov. 29 2019

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a sign or say anything. It just matters that you show up there. I had a good time. I have an idea for a sign: “Extinction is the worst. But what’s worse? its climate change” – Myles

Today was exciting, fun, can’t wait to do it again! It was loud.  – Theo

Today was really crazy we saw people in bikini they must be cold. [Their sign said, “I’d rather be cold than hot”] It was very crowded; a lot of interesting signs and a lot of interesting chants. Like one that I remember “You can’t drink oil! Keep it in the soil!”. No dinosaurs. It was a lot colder and easier to walk a long way, although some people would disagree with me. – Chloe

The climate change march was tiring! – Henry

It was really inspiring and, but it was super tiring and it was super fun. – Olivia

It was good. it was amazing. And it’s very extraordinary that some people even know there’s climate change but they don’t do anything. It’s just so funny. That they don’t believe that it’s a thing. It is a thing! It’s gonna kill you if you don’t act now. That’s why we should have no more pollution. – Manus (So show up to the next climate march!)

The earth is a giant pizza and it’s about to get burnt in the pizza oven. – Raz


Today started like any day it was really windy so knowing some small twigs were most likely to fall on us but nothing big me Olivia and Xavier started to make a pile of unusually soft pine needles at first it was the size of the a dog bed but eventually it was getting bigger until more people started to see what we were doing so they started to make there own side places we  made little houses i had a guest room my room and a flight deck for example we called it the tree of life and every animal lived up there!!!!! By Chloe

Alveole Honey Workshop

We are lucky that we get to have bees on the roof of our school, and of course one of the best parts is that we get honey! Alveole came in to do a honey extraction workshop with Tamarack, so we can learn more about the process and make some honey for us to take home.

First, we got to see the difference between a full shelf and an empty one so we could feel the difference.

Next we were shown how to get the top layer of bees wax off so we could get the honey underneath. Every kid got to try this step out and help to prepare for the next step!

The last step is spinning the comb so that all of the honey flies out of it! Again everyone got a chance to do this, and then they all got to fill one container of honey to take home with them. It was a great afternoon and the kids got to ask a lot of great questions about honey making!


(2018/2019 school year)

Quiet Break

Everyday after lunch we have a quiet break time where kids are free to explore many different activities. On this Wednesday we had students:

coding our BB8 robot (which was making friends apparently)

building in the construction area (this ended up being a garage)

working together to play prodigy on the computer

sketching in their sketch book.


(2018/2019 school year)

Intro to Contractions

We recently started to learn about contraction!. To start we did a couple of examples as a group, and then in pairs students had to try and made 2 words into 1!

They had to be creative about what to use for their apostrophe, some examples include a water bottle, piece of ice, and Henry’s backpack! The students were excited by the fact that you could say the same thing by writing less letters.


(2018/2019 school year)


Our graph wall gets used to learn the opinions of the school often, but we made a graph the other day to easily show some information about the school! The students went around and counted the windows, doors, bean bags, pillows, tables, and whiteboards in the school. We then graphed this information so we could easily see what had the most in a bar graph. There were so many pillows that we had to double up the bar as our graph doesn’t go high enough!


(2018/2019 school year)

Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art recently opened near Dundas West station, so we decided to avoid the rain one morning and go visit. The museum has an amazing exhibit “Demo”, that consists of giant blocks that can be moved around and built with. The kids had a blast moving them around and working together to build a giant structure. They then played hide and seek and eagle eye as there were so many places to hide within the blocks. Up stairs the kids were asked to go around and pick their favourite piece of art and explain why to the rest of the group. Unsurprisingly, many of them chose this pin ball machine, that combined music and pinball together (and was free to play!).


(2018/2019 school year)

Music Morning

We have been doing music on Fridays, mostly by learning about the instruments that we have in the school! We then brought them out one morning, and learned how music can make you think of a certain emotion.


(2018/2019 school year)