COVID-19 Safety Update for Tamarack West Summer Camps 2020
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The Tamarack West Summer Day Camp provides a compassionate, challenging and inspiring environment where kids feel safe to take risks and explore their potential. We are dedicated to helping develop resilient, confident and passionate children with inquisitive minds and strong skills.

The Tamarack West Approach

At Tamarack West we rally around the enthusiasm, curiosity and playfulness of our kids and use this energy to drive each day. Our activities are guided by camper curiosity and inquiry, turning them into adventures that are filled with opportunities for fun, growth and learning.

Our teachers/mentors are extremely caring and patient individuals who subscribe to a philosophy of mutual respect and support. These leaders are passionate about helping develop resilient, strong and confident campers.

At Tamarack West we follow three key steps:

1) ASSOCIATION – Relating experiences and observations to broader ideas and concepts.

2) INQUIRY – Mentors/Teachers encourage campers to ask questions by asking questions themselves and help guide the campers to finding their own answers.

3) DILIGENCE – Manageable challenges are presented, supported and fulfilled, building confidence and encouraging the pursuit of further challenges.

Summer Program Focus

Tamarack West Day Camp has two main focuses:

Nature Immersion, where campers explore and play, while learning about the natural world inside our great parks and islands.

Cultural/Urban Adventures, which take us to such destinations as Harbourfront, the Toronto Botanical Gardens, and the Royal Ontario Museum.


Day 1 – Explore and Get to Know Each Other in High Park
This is the first day – a day when campers might be feeling a bit shy, unsure, and curious about what camp is all about. Campers will be introduced to one another through fun team games and plenty of activity! From nature discovery to natural tunnels to games and splash pad parties, we bring the group together with a sense of wonder and excitement for the week to come.

Day 2 – Dufferin Grove park
A day of destination always marks Day 2 of Tamarack West Summer Camp! We travel as a group to the amazing Dufferin Grove Park to explore in the playground, splash pad, and of course the awesome sand pit! Counsellors also bring games and activities with them to make the experience even more varied. The day always ends with a treat before heading back to High Park!

Day 3 – High Park Adventure
Day 3 is back in High Park to do even more exploring! We are lucky enough to be in one of the biggest parks in Toronto and there is so much to do and see. From the adventure playground, to the bird sanctuary there is endless exploring to be done. By the end of day 3 campers will start to become High Park experts! Keep your eyes peeled for all of the amazing animals and plants around, and of course as always there are games and crafts throughout the day.

Day 4 – Mystery Day!

Day 4 is another destination day! Each week we select a unique Toronto destination that is sure to excite every camper. In the past we have hitched a ride on the ferry to play games in the Toronto Island Maze and splash in the cool waters of Centre Island or headed down to the ROM for a day of learning and laughs. Wherever the destination, we make sure to pepper it with games, songs, and a sense of adventure!

Day 5 – Celebration and Salutations
On the final day of the week we celebrate the friendships we’ve made. The morning is spent exploring High Park, either visiting a favourite location from the week, or going on a nature adventure to a new area! The afternoon is then spent together as a group in what we call “village afternoon”. During our village each counsellor comes with a unique activity to share with the group! Past activities have included face painting, science experiments, music, slack lines, and the crowd favourite – slime station!

What to Bring

Clothing: We are outside most days so please make sure your child is dressed appropriately including waterproof boots or at least closed toe shoes. We recommend having a rain jacket on hand as well as a change of clothes – extra shirt, shorts/pants and socks.

Food: A lunch and some snacks that are portable and preferably in re-usable containers so as to avoid garbage.

Water: At least 500ml.

Accessories: Sun Hat and Sunscreen.


Tamarack West believes in building a strong sense of community among its campers, our groups are mixed ages who do many things together, splitting up at times when skill and capability require. We take kids who are between the ages of 4 and 10.


Typical Weekly Price: $300 for 5 days

Extended Camp: Add $20 per day

Refunds are accepted up to 3 weeks prior to the first day of camp. Note that a $50 administration fee will be deducted from all refunds.

Registration Information

Register Online for the Tamarack West Summer Camp here.
If you have any questions, please contact Jay Field at 416-­606-­4584 or via email at

Camp Address
2264A Bloor St West
Toronto, ON, M6S 1N9

Camp Hours
8:45 – 3:30

Extended Camp hours
3:30 – 5:30