Flag Game

Manus and Arthur worked together to solve the flag game that Miriam has on her phone. They had to look at a picture of a flag and then write what country it was from, but they got more points if they uncovered less of the flag. These two were smart enough to find a book at the library full of flags to help them with the game!

ROM cooperation

The ROM has a great interactive game in their gem department that gets everyone involved! In the game there are politicians, minors, citizens, and environmentalists that all have to work together to make sure everything is in balance. Everyone gets to pick what role in the city they want to play, and then they get to make choices that will effect the other people playing and the city. We were here for more than half an hour making decisions and keeping our city successful!

Winter Wonderland

Though it may be cold out, winter and the snow provide so much fun! Sledding is always a big hit in the winter, and can still be educational when combined with hazard awareness and skill testing questions.

Nature walks are amazing in the snow, this walk in particular is one of Tamarack’s favourite!

Ice slides in the winter never get old!

For this activity below, the students were given a sentence to spell out, but all the letters were at the bottom of the hill. They had to slide down the hill on the ice, grab a letter and then head back up the snowy part of the hill to add their letter to the sentence!

Forest Diversity

A simple way to learn classification, and grouping! We also discussed how the forest holds many different materials and that’s what makes the forest so beautiful, this connected to our exploration of black history month, and diversity within our own community.

Supernovas in a Jar

Continuing our exploration of atoms and molecules, we did a great experiment to see a chemical reaction in from of our own eyes! By mixing together food colouring, oil, water, and baking soda, you can create some amazingly beautiful reactions in a jar! We first went through how to know if a chemical reaction is happening, and they noticed afterwards that there were bubbles, and that the jars got cold. Both of those observations prove that this was a chemical reaction!

Story Sticks

We spent the morning telling stories, and keeping track of the messages of the stories with colourful string. Each time a new story was told, a new string was added to the stick until they looked bright and colourful!