Music Morning

We have been doing music on Fridays, mostly by learning about the instruments that we have in the school! We then brought them out one morning, and learned how music can make you think of a certain emotion.


(2018/2019 school year)

Leather Pouches

As we have been learning about the indigenous peoples of Canada, we have been learning from some of our students that have knowledge to pass down. Olivia came to school with a leather pouch that she had made to hold tobacco. Olivia and Myles then shared their knowledge from their Metis heritage of how to show gratitude to plants that we picked for tea by leaving some of the tobacco to the plant. They also taught us some of their words of gratitude and led us in a ceremony for our fire we had made. This gave us the idea to make our own leather pouches! Miriam got all of the materials and created a pattern that could easily be woven together. Lots of our students also decided to add beads to their pouches to match their individual personalities.


(2018/2019 school year)

Ephemeral Art

Everyone was asked to make something out of the leaves and sticks around us to make ephemeral art, they then took a picture of their art so that it can be remembered even after the elements have made the original disappear!

Theo and Milo made this beautiful ship, they even added water underneath.

Xavier, Henry, and Raz created an infinity sign out of leaves, and then decided to be meditating in the sign for their picture. 

  Astara, with the help of Leslie, made this amazing shining sun! 

Manus was inspired by arrows, and drew many all around the area.

Theo and Milo had so much fun with their boat that they decided to keep creating and made a castle in the ground!


(2018/2019 school year)

3D Map

To further expand our study of the indigenous peoples of Canada, we looked at some of the maps that were first created by first nation tribes. We noticed that many of the things added to the maps were connected to the land and the resources. We then created our own 3D map of High park, with all of our favourite places, including the shelter, castle playground, fire pit, bird nests, tunnels, and labyrinth!


(2018/2019 school year)

to tamrack friends.

we went to the climate march on Friday to protest agenst climate change.  there was so many people, signs, and NOISE. there was chants like 1 2 3 4 our futures what were were asking for!


Written by Xavier, Olivia and Jasper

Edited by Chloe