to tamrack friends.

we went to the climate march on Friday to protest agenst climate change.  there was so many people, signs, and NOISE. there was chants like 1 2 3 4 our futures what were were asking for!


Written by Xavier, Olivia and Jasper

Edited by Chloe

Flag Game

Manus and Arthur worked together to solve the flag game that Miriam has on her phone. They had to look at a picture of a flag and then write what country it was from, but they got more points if they uncovered less of the flag. These two were smart enough to find a book at the library full of flags to help them with the game!

ROM cooperation

The ROM has a great interactive game in their gem department that gets everyone involved! In the game there are politicians, minors, citizens, and environmentalists that all have to work together to make sure everything is in balance. Everyone gets to pick what role in the city they want to play, and then they get to make choices that will effect the other people playing and the city. We were here for more than half an hour making decisions and keeping our city successful!