Highlights from our day:

Kai – I enjoyed dissecting the salmon and finding the different parts. I was very interesting, especially the air bladder and how important it was to the fish.

Jasper – My highlight for the day is that I liked to see the salmon run.

Olivia – I liked saving the eggs from the salmon. We buried them in the water. I also liked seeing the salmon run.

Xavier – It was interesting how the ducks ate the salmon eggs. I didn’t think they would.

Manus – I enjoyed dissecting the salmon and also seeing all the eggs and trying to save them. Eventually I fed them to the Mallards because I knew they could not live past the first stage because they could only live in gravel.

Theo – Playing cops and Robbers with Raz and Henry and Miles.

Miles – Dissecting the salmon, seeing the eggs, saving the eggs, and seeing the blood.

Astara – My highlight is seeing the salmon run and opening up the salmon and found the heart inside the salmon.

Henry – Playing cops and robbers with my friends.

Rowan – Seeing the eggs inside the fish.

Raz – Playing a story game with Henry.

Chloe – I think that seeing the salmon insides and knowing how they help the fish survive and grow is really important in helping us learn about them but all good things come to a end as the eggs got eaten by mallards.